How it Works

For every ads campaign, you purchase, you will receive their worth of 155% as bonus ad points. So for every ad campaign, you get 310 BAP where 1 BAP = $0.005. Based on that you will receive higher or lower earnings depending of the BAP level you are in as shown below:

Auto Vacation Mode

You don't need to spend money on vacation mode. We have built in feature for vacation mode and we configured it to Auto. Simply , your account works if you login and views Bonus ads daily.

High Value Paid Ads

We dont provide low value ads. Our paid ads start from $0.005 to 200$ per click.

V.I.P Active Referrals

V.I.P Active referrals are available for all the registered members. 1 V.I.P Active Referral Cost = $1 where you can buy 25 Referral Pack, 50 Referral Pack and 100 Referral Pack after Every 10 Days. You can rent V.I.P referrals for 30 days period. You can earn maximum 2.00$ from each referrals in rental period.

Group Level

Group Level Start (BAP) Ends (BAP)
Group 0 0 400
Group 1 400 2,000
Group 2 2,000 5,000
Group 3 5,000 15,000
Group 4 15,000 40,000
Group 5 40,000 100,000
Group 6 100,000 200,000
Group 7 200,000 500,000
Group 8 500,000 1,000,000
Group 9 1,000,000 2,000,000
Group 10 2,000,000 Above more


Life time low upgrade Plan?

We offer low upgrade plans for lifte time. Just buy $4.99 upgrade from Standard to Premium for Life Time. Upgraded members have more benefits as compared to Standard Members.